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HMS Yule Ball

Fans of the Yule Ball Couples
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Amazingly enough, this is a community dedicated to fic and art about the Yule Ball couples in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This ranges from Cedric/Cho (theirloveissodoomed!) to Neville/Ginny (theirloveissowoobie) to Draco/Pansy (theirloveissosneaky) to everything in between.

Rules and Whatnot

- Obviously, any fic or art posted has to be about a couple that actually went to the Yule Ball together. No, Ron/Hermione doesn't count. I don't care how much they fought afterwards.

- The main focus of any fic or art must be a Yule Ball couple. Other, non-Yule Ball couples can certainly appear, but they can't steal the spotlight.

- No, fics and art don't have to be set only at the Yule Ball. That's silly.

- Any rating or genre. And on that note, cut tags = YAY.

- Don't bash ships, folks. It's not cool.

Got it? Yay! Swat mmichelle or ladylisse if you need anything, and have fun!